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Alexander Aitken

Sharp Edges

February 2nd 2023 - March 2nd 2023

Location and context is an overwhelming condition, of which unpicking can be curious.

I conduct myself as an erratic slime of fantastical automatic drawing and sculpting.

Intentionally slipping into a speculative history of the shadow landscape of folk, magic, religion, city and ritual; remixing truth and fiction, with a taste for violence and lust.

A tapping into the personal and transpersonal collective shadow; the ugly and vulgar parts of the human psyche through the use of personas - experienced and found stories fit behavioural displays, whilst retaining a toe dipped in non-sense in an absurdist and cartoonish re-representation.

A stubborn relationship to the ceramic lexicon - employing a sculptural practice that confronts and manipulates traditions, history, time periods, lore and genre.

I flow blind in the stubborn undercurrents of the homogeneous view.

Alexander Aitken is a ceramic sculptor and draftsperson from Kent who lives and works in London. Currently the RCA’s Griffin Scholar, studying Ceramic and Glass Ma and graduated with honours from Camberwell College of Arts Sculpture Ba in 2018. Recent selected exhibitions include: Loam Lounge (Well Projects, Margate, 2022), Still Life Still (OHSH, London, 2022), Old Friends, New Friends (CEHQ, London, 2021), Breakfast and Dining rooms (Grafton Street Arts Club, 2021), Amber Rooms (180 Strand, London, 2021), Recurring Streams (Brockley Gardens, 2019), Someones nostalgia (Crux Gallery, Athens, 2019)

Alexander Aitken can be found on the web here.